#Asia These 4 AI startups are changing the way we consume information


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a watchword for scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs as of late. Some, like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, decry the potential apocalypse that undeterred AI technology can bring. Meanwhile, companies like Samsung and Google celebrate AI as the pinnacle of our future.

Regardless of how AI will shape our future, no one can dispute the deep impact that it has brought to humanity. At Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017’s Bootstrap Alley, you can catch a first-hand look at how today’s startup scene uses AI to shape how we think and see the world. Check out four of these exhibiting innovators below:


Thousand-page documents are banes of our existence. Who has the time to pore over every single word? Flax Scanner, a solution developed by Cinnamon, extracts relevant information from unstructured data to create formatted documents. With a simple tool, behemoths of documents can be cut down to more bite-sized, easily understandable pieces.

Besides Flax Scanner, Cinnamon has developed other AI tools including the Lapis Engine, a highly accurate recommendation engine; and Scuro Bot, a NLP-driven chatbot guaranteed to provide smoother communication compared to off-the-rack chatbots.


To a simple computer, a photo is a random assortment of pixels with varying degrees of RGB values. But with Imagga’s powerful image recognition API, they can help you analyze, recognize, tag, and catalog large volumes of photos for future use. While image annotation tasks usually take up a lot of time when performed manually, their image tagging technology automates the entire process by learning your set of metadata and suggest tags that are specific for your particular use.


Learning new languages has evolved from simply reading foreign dictionaries to apps that teach us new words in progressive difficulty. Through Kadho’s Mochu apps, online language learning becomes more engaging and fun for both child and parent. Using a neuro-scientific AI approach, Mochu loads a personalized curriculum and adapts it according to the user’s progress. The app then uses this information to present a digestible report for parents to follow along with their child’s education.


In higher echelons of education, Preface.AI is taking a more collaborative approach to learning. With their AI-powered technology, students can tackle books, articles, and presentations together as a community. If some parts of the lesson remain unclear, you can search instantly on the exact topic, or even request the engine to provide further explanations from teaching experts. The use of big data also allows you to view other users’ learning reports and learn from their experience.

Gotta meet them all

All four of these AI superstars will be exhibiting their cool tech at Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017’s Bootstrap Alley this September 27 and 28! If you want to go toe-to-toe with these startups, you can still sign up to be a Bootstrap Alley exhibitor by applying for a booth before September 8. You can also get a 10 percent discount to go along with a one-day booth and two exhibitor passes, priced at USD357.30 post-discount.

All set with just networking with tech’s top talents? If you prefer to come as an attendee, you can use this code tiatokyo10 before September 8 to score 10 percent off your conference pass. Get yours here.

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