#Asia Think globally, acting locally: Makerbay Founder Cesar Harada


Harada says Makerbay focusses on making a social and environmental impact in Hong Kong and technology should not be disconnected from society

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Today on the show, we meet Cesar Harada — a French-Japanese inventor, entrepreneur and environmentalist who has been living in Hong Kong for the past three years.

He’s the kind of guy that sees a problem and builds a solution for it from the ground up. And the makerspace in the industrial east end of the city that he built, called Makerbay, is a pretty good example of this.

Show notes
Makerbay: www.makerbay.org/
Cesar Harada: www.cesarharada.com/

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0:49 – Cesar’s pet project, autonomous sailboats, which led to the origins of Makerbay
2:20 – The projects of Makerbay, running the gamut of 3D imaging technology to mobile-controlled open source telescopes
3:50 – Cesar explains Makerbay’s focus on local problems and how its inventions have positive societal impact
4:55 – “Thinking globally, acting locally” when trying to save Hong Kong’s endangered coral reefs
6:25 – Makerbay’s invention will save marine biology researchers time and money

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8:13 – The importance of free Internet to social R&D and the reason why Cesar chose Hong Kong over Shenzhen
9:20 – Hong Kong as an interesting hybrid – has the freedom of the west and also the wisdom and industrial power of the east
11:04 – Cesar, a designer by trade, is also an engineer and scientist and explains how these various disciplines helps him with his work
13:09 – What’s my identity? I’m an inventor, environmentalist and entrepreneur

Photo by Iris Leung.


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