#Asia This app shows if you’re busy on a call and just raised US$6.5M


MyState notifies you when your contacts are available to talk, text, or unavailable at all


In an interesting twist, a new app is restoring the phone as the primary element of the, well, smartphone by augmenting your numbers list with status updates and availability alerts so you can know when someone’s line is busy or they do not want to be disturbed. The app is from MyState and has debuted on both the Android and iOS platforms after announcing a US$6.5 million funding round last week.

“We solved the problem of wasting energy and pent up frustration from playing phone tag, and waiting on busy signals,” said CMO Zvika Starkman in a statement. “Imagine the future possibilities, like coordinating a conference call with the tap of the Crunch button the moment all parties are available!”

The app has been launched on Android and iOS, using a patent-pending technology that can gather information on whether or not your contacts are on another line, only available for texting, or unavailable. The push feature, called Crunch, gives you a notification when someone you want to talk to is available to talk and will notify your contact that you want to chat. It also provides some other interesting details such as your friend’s battery life and the timezone they’re in.

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“We are concentrated on gaining traction, as well as developing our B2B business model which will include integration with call centres for optimising communication with their customers,” a company spokesperson told Geektime.

Its sweet suite of features includes integration with other apps like WhatsApp and displaying other apps that both contacts have and could use as communication alternatives. It also has privacy settings to limit what details certain contacts and other MyState users can see when they look you up.

MyState was founded in 2014 by Dr Rony Ohayon, Assaf Pney-el, Ami Hanya and Oshy Maimon. There are now 20 employees at its offices in Israel.

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