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Following the footsteps of these masters will make you efficient so that you can handle any situation in a more competent and comprehensive manner

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A customer-driven environment is largely needed for an organisation to work comprehensively. Because in this cut-throat competition, customer retention and engagement are the primary concern for any organisation, whether they are small or big. For this, an organisation should follow authentic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) culture. Moreover, social media is also taking centre-stage as a survey was done by Customer Engagement Index shows that there is 25 per cent rise in customer interactions on social media.

Coming back to CRM, organisations must have some settled criteria or norms regarding the amendment of this system. To know this, they should follow the “masters or leaders” and see how they work on their CRM strategy.

Here is a list that would provide you step-by-step guidance about the work ethics of top CRM influencers:

Marc Benioff:

Under Marc Benioff’s leadership, Salesforce — which has been declared as CRM’S favourite child — is taking giant steps. It has grown rapidly, which can be analysed by acknowledging the fact that it had one million CRM licenses within 10 years of its emergence. Moreover, the company spends dollars in building sufficient abundance in order to raise the profile of CRM in general and the concept of on-demand CRM in particular. This concept has resulted in a positive impact on CRM vendors.

Brent Leary:

Brent is an “all in one” combination as far as CRM is considered. Leary is a CRM industry analyst, advisor, author, speaker and award-winning blogger.  Moreover, he is Co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials LLC, an Atlanta-based CRM advisory firm. Not only does he have audacious ideas about how CRM should be used – especially by small businesses – but he does a great job of articulating them through a variety of channels. An in-demand speaker, he also talks about CRM on his blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.

Mitch Lieberman:

Mitch a technology leader and mentor who maintains particularly strong focus on customer experiences, next generation CRM and the more recent intersection of Social Media or ‘Social CRM’. He often uses the examples of the one-on-one relationships customers and businesses have in Williston (his hometown) to illustrate the process of CRM. Mitch is a process driven implementer, building solutions that make sense, taking into consideration people, process and technology.

Gretchen Opferkew:

Gretchen Opferkew has over ten years’ experience in implementation and design of CRM technologies. Moreover, she is passionate about leadership, client’s growth and in customer retention. She has a strategic, correct and analytic approach to her CRM functions.

Christopher Cognetta:

Out-of-the-box thinking, customer centric and business minded, these are some of the qualities that go hand-in-hand with Christopher. He specialises in CRM and HCM (Human Capital Management) moreover has great knowledge in cloud solutions and business applications.

Jon Ferrara:

He founded industry’s first CRM standards way back in 1989 which is Goldmine CRM. Moreover with his newest venture Nimble, he’s tackling CRM issues and helps in its innovation. This venture aims to be the ultimate contact database by integrating all your traditional and social communications.

Paul Greenberg:

He is considered as the godfather of CRM. This is because he has been constantly and comprehensively updating CRM industry at the “Speed of Light”. Moreover, he is not afraid and accepts challenges from the newest of competitors. Greenberg is probably the most omnipresent and longest lasting voice, that is driving the entire CRM community.

Dr. Harish Kotadia:

Dr. Harish Kotadia is an advocate of social CRM and a strong practitioner as well. Moreover, he does case study and analysis of social CRM, provides topical issues and plan Social Media management related to CRM. Along with this, he writes tips and the latest news on his blog related to Social CRM.

Brian Vellmure:

Brian Vellmure puts all the innovative CRM advances into a business focused and aggressive frame. According to him, CRM is not just knowing the data, but knowing how deep we can deliver service and improve customer retention.

Chuck Schaeffer:

Aplicor promises 100 per cent uptime (function time), and so far, the company has delivered on that promise.  This seemingly crazy promise has been successful because of their CEO, Chuck Schaeffer. Moreover, he has figured out and brought a practical understanding of what CRM customers of all sizes need in order to succeed. Along with this, he stresses on the fact that if a company is building their own CRM solution, the chief need is that it must be uptime.

Scott Nelson:

The man who was accused of “Killing CRM” because of his predictions in 2006, is in contradiction one of the best analyst CRM has ever seen. Along with this, he is the loudest voice for social networking and CRM.

Marshall Lager: 

Of all the people included here, he has the most hands-on experience in testings and reviewing CRM applications. He believes that the failure for many SMBs to jump on the CRM and SCRM is they simply don’t know what they don’t know and don’t know what is actually out there. Moreover, he believes in re-evaluating CRM needs and meeting them with the on-going scenario.

Zach Nelson:

With futuristic views and ideas, Nelson’s on-demand model over the on-premise model, bodes well for the company’s future. Along with Evan Goldberg, he clearly sees the ability of CRM to branch out into informing other aspects of business as well.

Ginger Conlon:

Conlon is one of the strongest editorial voices in CRM. She believes firmly that CRM may be a business strategy, but it starts with people. Organisations which want to engage customers in building loyalty must foster better employee engagement plans as she does. She was formerly the Editor-in-Chief of CRM magazine and now is the editorial director of 1to1 Media, which is responsible for a series of customer-related editorial publications.

Bill Band:

Band provides thoughtful analysis with his proactive CRM matrices which are increasingly valuable in this crowded market. Moreover, he is a specialist in identifying market trends and adopting new ways so as to constantly evolve CRM.

Mike Boysen:

He believes in strong organisational responsibilities in order to make better customer relationship. Moreover, integrating CRM with the best possible technologies is the greatest move Mike Boysen has initiated.

Prem Kumar Aparanji:

Prem Kumar Aparanji is a leading authority on Social CRM. He views SCRM as a combination of useful technology to engage in combination with the human element as to what motivates people.

Focus, determination and disciplined work ethics! These are the key ingredients which will help you rise in any field. Along with this, if you follow the masters, their tips and experiences would act as a catalyst and will prove to be extra beneficial. Following their footsteps will make you efficient so that you can handle any situation in a more competent and comprehensive manner.

Arpit Sharma works as a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest.com. In his free time he likes traveling and reading novels.

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