#Asia Top five social media predictions for 2016


Live-streaming, Instagram, content marketing, visual marketing, and image-based monitoring will see lot of action in 2016, says the author

Image Credit: Jason Howie

Image Credit: Jason Howie

The author, Glen Suchitha, has worked in tech for a number of years with companies such as Amazon and Indavest Ventures. He also Co-founded SideStep Solutions, a startup that specialised in creating meaningful marketing experiences.

The year 2015 was interesting. Everyday, social media grew as a dominating force to reach out to your customers.

For 2016, here is my top predictions for what is going to dominate the social sphere.

Live-streaming goes mainstream

With the advent of Periscope, every individual can now broadcast his/her lives anytime, anywhere. Snapchat has paved the way for the power of aggregating relevant, live content. Expect some interesting campaigns around the US Presidential elections utilising the power of live-streaming.

Instagram is the new Facebook

Facebook users are becoming increasingly private, they are taking down and turning off access to how much other people can see online, whereas Instagram allows users to show and tag their most personal interests. Be it cute pets, loved ones or even a meal, Instagram is where the Millennials are.

Drop in e-mail marketing, spike in content marketing

Email marketing is becoming the telemarketing of the online world. The problem with e-mail marketing is that it’s hard to engage people. Social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn understand this very well and are introducing tools to push syndicated content to users regardless of whether they want to see it or not.

Visual marketing will continue to grow

Your organisation’s creative has around 0.7 seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer. It’s imperative that companies look at themselves as brands and create strategies around content that leaves a lasting impression. Branding strategies are often more long term than marketing strategies. With all the social mediums available today, it’s important to focus more on brand value.

Image-based monitoring will see a spike

Hundred per cent of your social metrics is based on text. Hence, the monitoring of these metrics is one-dimensional. Few companies such as Gaze have image recognition and analysis software. A picture is worth a thousand words, I am excited to see the kind of sentiment data that can be captured based on image monitoring. I think it will be a game changer for the digital marketer.

The world of social media is highly dynamic. It is more of an art than a science, aligning your strategies to impact the bottom line will surely see great ROI.

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