#Asia UsBidi wants to solve your smartphone charging woes


It comes up with a resilient braided exterior and automatically stops charging when the phone’s battery is full


We all know that the life of a smartphone’s battery — or any rechargeable battery for that matter — is finite.

The Apple iPhone uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and these batteries typically last for 500 discharge/charge life cycles before they start to degrade.

This problem is compounded when you charge your smartphone overnight. Charging when the battery is full causes additional mini-charging cycles and increases the battery temperature, which shortens its lifespan.

Sydney-based UsBidi wants to tackle this pain point and help prolong your smartphone battery life with its intelligent smartphone charger.

How it works is that its “auto-unplug” feature automatically switches off charging once its built-in PCB detects that the battery has been fully charged.  This feature is compatible with any USB charger (powerbank, AC adaptor and USB ports).

In addition, the UsBidi charger can charge your smartphone twice as fast as conventional chargers when plugged into a USB port. This is because conventional chargers enable both its data syncing and charging mechanisms while plugged into a USB port, causing the charging speed to be slower.

UsBidi charger gets around this issue by allowing the user to disable the data syncing via a touch switch, speeding up the charging process.

A sturdy built

Let’s talk about the construction of the product. Another problem that many smartphone chargers face is their build quality, with charger cables sometimes tearing and splitting when bent after extensive usage.

UsBidi charger’s coloured braided exterior promises to be more durable (although subjecting it to abuse would probably not be recommended). In addition, it has magnetic ends, allowing easy and tidy placement on any metallic surface, and LED lights that indicate when the battery is still charging and when it’s full.

While this charger costs US$25 — US$4 more than an official iPhone charger — the benefits may ultimately allow you to save a lot more in the long run.

The charger is available in the three variations: Micro-USB, Lightning and Type-C.

Its Indiegogo campaign was a huge hit, raising US$321,637 on December 18, which is a whopping 1,319 per cent of its funding goal.

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