#Asia We mapped out the e-commerce competition scene in Indonesia and found 5 interesting trends


From this interactive content, we found five interesting findings about the war among e-commerce companies in Indonesia

The competition in Indonesia’s e-commerce scene is getting hotter in the first half of 2017. The rebranding of Blanja.com, the collaboration between Alfacart and Unilever, and Gerena’s change of its name to SEA and pouring $550 million to focus on Indonesian E-Commerce.

In iPrice, we released the newest version of The Map of E-Commerce Indonesia. In this interactive content, users can sort and filter 50+ Indonesian E-Commerce players based on many different parameters, from monthly visits to the number of employees.

In this new version, we updated the data from January to March 2017. We also got several big merchants that verified their numbers such as, Bhinneka, Alfacart, Bobobobo, Orami and UKM Market.

From this interactive content, we found five interesting findings about the war among e-commerce companies in Indonesia.

1. Local e-commerce still king for Indonesian shoppers

Based on the report, which was conducted between January and March, seven local businesses are among the country’s top 10 most visited e-commerce sites per month:

  • Tokopedia (46.5 million monthly visits),
  • Elevenia (34.6 million),
  • Bukalapak (28.3 million),
  • Blibli.com (25.7 million),
  • Alfacart.com (17 million),
  • Mataharimall.com (7.5 million), and
  • Bhinneka (4.5 million).

Based on our observations, we believe this is because all local players always try to play with the society’s emotions when it comes to their products, promotions, and campaigns.

The usage of local terms in the brands’ names and contents with local affinity is an example of the elements that may have contributed to the local e-commerce sites’ monthly visit record. For example “Bukalapak” means opening a small store. “Tokopedia” is the combination of Indonesian and English “Toko” = Store. “Mataharimall” means sun. “Bhinneka” is a very local term that means unity in diversity.

Other businesses that made it into the top 10 list were the Indonesian subsidiary of Chinese commerce giant JD.com, JD.ID (12.5 million) and the joint marketplace of state-owned telecommunications firm Telkom and US-based marketplace eBay, Blanja.com (5 million).

2. Lazada still on top of Tokopedia in monthly visits

As one of the biggest local player, Tokopedia always tries to beat Lazada. In the previous version Map of E-Commerce Indonesia, Lazada monthly visits were 49 million and Tokopedia 39.666 million. There was a 300,000 plus difference.

In this v 2.0, Lazada monthly visits are 51.133 million, widening the gap with Tokopedia that had 46.533 million monthly visits.

3. Blibli is the king of Twitter and Facebook

In Indonesia, Blibli had the highest Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

The total number of Blibli’s Facebook fans are 3.703 million — 1.1 million greater than Tokopedia, which is in the 2nd position. Their Twitter followers are 418,000, 297,000 greater than Tokopedia.

4. Fashion-type e-commerce dominates Instagram

Fashion businesses are dominating the list of e-commerce businesses with the most Instagram followers in Indonesia.

Muslim fashion e-commerce business Hijup tops the list with 556,600 Instagram followers. Meanwhile, 8wood (265,400 followers), Bandung-based men’s shoes e-commerce business Brodo (217,400 followers), online fashion retailer Zalora (204,800 followers), and Muslim wear e-commerce business Hijabenka (160,100 followers) land at third, seventh, eighth and tenth place in the top 10 e-commerce businesses with the most Instagram followers, respectively.

Fashion-type e-commerce businesses usually invest their time into produce amazing visual content. They do this because they want to showcase the products they sell in an aesthetically-pleasing way. The best platform for them to do this is Instagram. So, it makes sense why they dominate the ranking in the Map of E-Commerce Indonesia based on Instagram.

Other businesses listed in the top 10 e-commerce businesses with most Instagram followers are Lazada, Mothercare, Mataharimall, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak.

5. Alfacart overtook Mataharimall in monthly visits

Both Alfacart and Mataharimall started from an offline store and went to online. In the Map of E-commerce v 1.0, Mataharimall’s monthly visits were still bigger than Alfacart, 18 million vs. 16million.

In the newest version of Map of E-Commerce, Alfacart has overtaken Mataharimall, with 17 million monthly visits vs 7.5 million.

To interact with the content and see how we got the data in detail you can come to our Map of E-Commerce Indonesia V.2.0.


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