#Asia With Mogees, the world becomes your musical canvas


The app transforms any surface into a musical instrument by connecting to an IoT device


Remember the musical group Stomp, where performers turn everyday objects into musical instruments?

Well, Mogees is incorporating technology into that art form. And, no, you don’t even need to break out a trash can like Stomp. All it requires is your smartphone and a sensor the size of a pebble.

Setting up is fairly effortless. Just attach the sensor, which does not require batteries, to your smartphone and to the surface of your choice. Then, select your desired MIDI or percussive sounds and you are all set to rock and roll.

Musical notes or sound waves are essentially vibrations in the air. The Mogees sensor operates on the same principle. By using a contact microphone, it is able to detect vibrations on any surface. First, it measures the audio frequency generated by your hit, then calibrates the sound of instrument accordingly.

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For the budding multi-instrumentalists out there, Mogees utilises machine learning, allowing you to configure your own instrument through its gesture recognition technology. This means that you can associate different objects or gestures (such as tapping or scratching) with specific MIDI notes or percussive sounds.

Musicians can also sync Mogees with their own instruments, opening up possibilities to more varied sonic landscapes that were hitherto closed off to them. For example, guitarists who lack a drum kit can trigger a snare drum sound by tapping on their guitar (good time to kick the drummer off the tour).

The Mogees device is also compatible with professional music production software like Apple‘s Garageband and Logic Studio.

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The app is currently only available on the iOS app as the Mogees team feels that the Android platform has unresolved issues with real-time audio. Desktop or laptop users can still use the device even without the app.

The Mogees Kickstarter campaign is proving to be a big hit. With just 52 hours to go, it has raised £92,464 (US$142,600), far exceeding its goal of £20,000 (US$30,840).

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