#Blockchain Taking the New On-Chain BCH-Powered Social App Blockpress for a Test Flight

Taking the New BCH-Powered Social App Blockpress for a Test Flight

On May 2, a new on-chain social media platform for the Bitcoin Cash network was announced called ‘Blockpress.’ According to the Blockpress development team the platform has been under construction for months, and they are pleased to finally release the initial version to the public.

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Another On-Chain Social Media Platform Called Blockpress Launches on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

Taking the New BCH-Powered Social App Blockpress for a Test FlightAfter the past few weeks with everyone talking about the on-chain social media application Memo, another similar platform has been introduced to the bitcoin cash community. On Wednesday, May 2, a developer announced the launch of BCH-powered social media service called Blockpress. The social media application Blockpress, much like Memo, performs every action using a bitcoin cash transaction. However, Blockpress is far richer, as far as the graphic interface is concerned, as the application resembles the look of a Twitter profile page. Blockpress allows users to add their name, set an avatar, and also set a cover photo for their profile with each action costing a microtransaction of BCH. Moreover, Blockpress says that they plan to integrate the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) with the platform in the near future.  

Taking the New BCH-Powered Social App Blockpress for a Test flight
The Blockpress feed of posts.

Taking the Blockpress Platform for a Test Flight

Just like when we tested Memo, at news.Bitcoin.com we decided to give Blockpress a test flight to get an overall feel for how to use the application. Like last time we deposited $1 USD worth of BCH into our wallet after initial sign up. Always remember these apps are very new and you should only use a small fraction of BCH, and it’s always a good idea to backup your wallet’s key. One confirmation is needed to see the BCH funds appear in your Blockpress account, and from there you can get started utilizing the platform.

Taking the New BCH-Powered Social App Blockpress for a Test flight
This is how a profile looks on Blockpress.

After scrolling through the list of people posting 70-character posts on Blockpress, head over to the profile section to update your avatar. Editing the profile right now gives you three options — set name, set photo URL, and set header URL. This means you need to add a direct URL link to these fields from a photo site like Imgur. As stated above, each action, like setting a profile picture, costs a small fraction of BCH and is less than a penny. For a rough estimate, nine actions were less than 3 cents USD following the transactions along with the Bitcoin.com Block Explorer.  

‘Bitcoin Cash is the Most Scalable, Fastest and Lowest Cost Network to Build On Top Of’

After uploading a profile, header, and username you can head over to the posting section where users can write 70 characters including emojis. Users can reply to posts, as well as like them and tip the user with bitcoin cash. The platform ran very smoothly, and there seems to be a decent amount of people testing the platform out so far since the team launched Blockpress.

Taking the New BCH-Powered Social App Blockpress for a Test flight
All actions on Blockpress require a microtransaction of BCH less than a penny. Users can also tip each other’s posts with bitcoin cash.

After giving the application a test, news.Bitcoin.com talked with the developer of Blockpress who calls himself ‘Attila,’ in a conversation using Telegram. We asked Attila why he decided to create a social media application using bitcoin cash, and we also asked what he thought about the recently launched Memo platform.

“Simply put, Bitcoin Cash is the most scalable, fastest and lowest cost network to build on top of — I’ve been a huge fan of the original peer-to-peer electronic cash vision and want to see new services be built on BCH,” Attila explains to news.Bitcoin.com. “The Memo team and community are inspiring and we’re absolutely impressed by what they accomplished. We were working on the ‘Blockpress Protocol’ for a couple months and were absolutely impressed and relieved to see that others are building on top of BCH.”

News.Bitcoin.com asked Attila how the actions work on Blockpress and he explained everything is done using an OP_Return protocol.

“We will be publishing specs today on the website,” Attila emphasizes.  

It is a simple and flexible OP_Return protocol that gives us flexibility for our roadmap.  Our plan is to open source the entire code base soon — Our vision is a world where anyone can share, create and connect with each other with no intermediaries.

What do you think about the BCH-based platform Blockpress? Let us know your thoughts about this application in the comments below.

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Images via Shutterstock, the Blockpress website, and Jamie Redman.

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