#Australia Blogging pioneer and technologist Anil Dash’s two key pieces of advice


In a bid to prevent online abuse, New York technologist Anil Dash has challenged tech developers to reflect on their values and envision what the world will look like if their idea succeeds.
Speaking at the Above All Human conference in Melbourne last week, Makerspace (https://makerspace.com/) cofounder Anil Dash says that
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#Australia Victoria continues push to be startup state with new initiatives and a local’s big expansion


The Victorian government has outlined further strategic initiatives to bolster the state’s startup ecosystem at the launch of a local tech company’s big new headquarters in Melbourne.
At the opening of Sidekicker (http://ift.tt/1hxyuS7)’s Melbourne office, minister for small business, innovation and trade Philip Dalidakis told StartupSmart a key aim of its $60
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#Australia Cab savvy: Uncorking the next big thing in wine


A new innovation competition is on the hunt for Australian and New Zealand startups and entrepreneurs who can disrupt one of the world’s oldest and most popular industries.
The Winexplorer competition is open to savvy entrepreneurs with an idea that could disrupt the way wine industry works.
Brancott Estate Wines have teamed
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#Australia Meet the Australian startup using artificial intelligence to help blind people see


The first time people use Australian startup Aipoly – an app which helps blind people to see the world using artificial intelligence – they often cry.
Created by entrepreneurs Marita Cheng, Alberto Rizzoli and Simon Edwardsson, the Aipoly app uses an AI algorithm to near-instantaneously identify an object when a smartphone
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#Australia How blockchain technology is set to transform the ASX


Recently the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) bought a $15 million stake (http://ift.tt/209Bngx) in Digital Asset Holdings, a developer of blockchain technology. One of the main reasons is to upgrade its share registry system by using blockchain or distributed ledger technology.
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#Australia Australians spend 10 hours a day on internet connected devices: The digital trends your SME needs to know


Australians are becoming more attached to their smartphones and small businesses need to keep up or be left behind, according to research published today.
The latest Digital Australia report from professional services firm Ernst & Young has found Australians spend on average 10 hours and 24 minutes engaging with their
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#Australia Andrea Martins: expat, startup founder, accelerator


When Andrea Martins gave up her head-office, government career to follow her husband abroad, little did she know she would spend nearly 10 years living overseas (Indonesia, Mexico and Malaysia). Even less did she expect to pay-it-forward by creating the largest online site serving expatriate women worldwide, Read more… (http://ift.tt/1o7K2V1)

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#Australia Transparency issues around Alphabet’s ‘Other Bets’ still cloud results


Google reported (http://ift.tt/23ETy2d) its first-ever quarterly earnings this week under the new structure of Alphabet. The earnings surpassed analyst expectations and Alphabet is now worth more than Apple with a market value (http://ift.tt/23I1LCJ) of around US$555 billion, compared to Apple’s US $535 billion.
The majority of Google’s revenue continues to come
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#Australia Telstra partners with one of Israel’s biggest accelerators to give access to world-leading entrepreneurs and investors


When muru-D (https://muru-d.com/) co-founder Annie Parker first visited one of Israel’s biggest accelerators she knew it would be an ideal partner.
More than two years later muru-D has grown its portfolio to more than 40 startups plus alumni and Parker says the time has come to partner with the Junction.

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