#Australia First equity crowdfunding deal in Australia for 2016 raises more than $675,000


A global student support platform started in Sydney has raised more than $675,000 through VentureCrowd in the first equity crowdfunding deal in Australia for 2016.
It comes at the start of a year which will see equity crowdfunding reforms scrutinised and a parliamentary inquest return its findings.
Zookal, (https://www.zookal.com/) founded in Sydney
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#Australia New $2.5 million accelerator with big corporate partners aims to drive innovative STEM education in Australia


Twenty tech entrepreneurs working on a range of innovative STEM ventures have been chosen for a new $2.5 million accelerator program.
Launched by PwC, the 21st Century Minds Accelerator program is focusing on startups and founders that are aiming to rapidly scale digital literacy.
PwC (http://www.pwc.com.au/) Managing Partner Tony Peake says the
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#Australia This Sydney startup to get its innovative technology into the hands of every school kid


An Australian not-for-profit which bootstrapped development of a new school computer and tablet is asking the federal government for $10 million so every child in the country can have one.
One Education (http://ift.tt/Jhi44l) founder Rangan Srikhanta says the investment will be a small commitment from the government, which has already allocated
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#Australia The secrets behind this $50 million Australian startup’s success and what the founders would’ve done differently


The secret to Envato’s (https://www.envato.com/) success lies in the tactics it used to attract its first 100 users, co-founders Cyan and Collis Ta’eed say.
In an AMA hosted by Blackbird Ventures (http://ift.tt/1m9e35f), the Melbourne-based entrepreneurs described how they grew both sides of their two-sided digital marketplaces, as well as what they’d
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#Australia Seven tips for novice angel investors so you can take advantage of the innovation statement and “Atlassian effect”


The innovation statement tax incentives and Atlassian IPO millionaire effect will create a new wave of tech startup investors in 2016.
These are the strategies I wish someone had shared with me when I first started my angel investing journey.
This is a discussion around risk management and deal flow, not specific
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#Australia Why you have to be marketing from day one to avoid the startup gap: “This is why a large number of startups still fail”


Startups all around the world should be marketing their product from the get-go as soon as they have decided that they are going to form a startup. Start marketing it.
Why isn’t this already happening?
Most startup theory revolves around Paul Graham’s Startup Survival Rules or Eric Ries’ book The Lean
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#Australia Amazon’s Book Depository expands Australian titles and begins shipping from Melbourne


Amazon is ramping up its presence in the local book market, with online retailer Book Depository today announcing a major expansion of its Australian book range.
Book Depository, which was bought by Amazon in 2011, is adding more than 25,000 Australian titles to its collection.
While Australians have been able to
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#Australia Sesame Street launches its own venture capital fund to invest in children-focused startups


Today’s episode is brought to you by the letters ‘V’ and ‘C’.
Kids TV show Sesame Street has launched its own venture capital branch to invest in startups focusing on children’s education, development, health and nutrition.
Sesame Workshop, the not-for-profit behind the TV show, will be working in partnership with Craig Shapiro’s
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#Australia Government’s rush to get good PR created risk of investor strike, Pollenizer co-founder says


Announcing the $1 billion innovation statement in December may have been “good PR” for the government but not implementing the investor incentives until July is hurting the startup ecosystem, Pollenizer co-founder Mick Liubinskas says.
The 24 policies were revealed late last year and included a number of taxation changes to incentivise
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#Australia How a $14 million “overnight success” took 15 years to build, starting from a garage and being rejected by all


The founder of Australia’s first online beauty store says her 15-year journey to success has been a long and gruelling climb driven by a spirit of “no guts, no glory”.
Speaking at the Above all Human tech conference (http://ift.tt/10qytfW) in Melbourne on Friday, Adore Beauty founder and CEO Kate Morris says
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