Crothall Healthcare and Ascendco Health Partner to Revolutionize Surgical Instrument Tracking and Quality in Sterile Processing

WAYNE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a move poised to significantly elevate standards within Sterile Processing, Crothall Healthcare (Crothall), a leading provider of sterile processing and support services, and Ascendco Health (Ascendco), a leading health technology innovator, today announced a groundbreaking partnership that will bring forth a new era for instrument tracking and overall sterile processing quality within healthcare facilities across the nation.

Together, Crothall and Ascendco are revolutionizing efficiency and safety in SPD departments by combining Crothall’s expertise in data-driven processes and Ascendco’s cutting-edge instrument tracking technology to empower SPD professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety.

“This partnership represents a significant leap forward for Sterile Processing,” expressed Afif Escheik, BA, a-IPC, CHL, CER, CIS, CRCST, CST, Regional Director of Operations at Crothall Healthcare. “Ascendco’s dedication to technological advancements perfectly complements Crothall’s expertise in implementing best practices. Together, we can make a profound impact on patient safety and the overall quality of surgical services.”

Through a rigorous, data-driven approach, Crothall has achieved a remarkable record in sterile processing that has yielded an audit compliance improvement of approximately 90%, process errors reduction by up to 50%, and productivity gains of up to 62%. These industry-leading achievements, coupled with Ascendco’s innovative technology, promise to propel sterile processing practices to new heights making a significant impact on patient safety and quality of service.

Ascendco’s Sonar Tracking System, the industry’s most comprehensive and effective platform for surgical device management, will be a cornerstone of this partnership. Sonar’s ability to meticulously track instruments throughout the entire surgical workflow provides invaluable data and insights, optimizing instrument efficiency and minimizing the risk of errors.

As a result of Ascendco’s Sonar platform, sterile processing departments have reduced Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS) rates by up to 10%, sterile return rates by up to 25%, and return to decontamination rates by up to 5%. These metrics are indicators for improved workflow efficiency, better inventory management, enhanced quality assurance, and improved cleaning and decontamination processes.

“We are delighted to join forces with Crothall Healthcare, a renowned leader in the sterile processing domain,” said Brian Reed, CEO of Ascendco Health. “Their unwavering commitment to quality aligns perfectly with our mission to revolutionize sterile processing. Together, we will empower sterile processing professionals and Crothall workers with the tools they need to ensure all products going into the Operating Room are ready for use.”

The collaborative efforts of Crothall and Ascendco will culminate in the development of industry-leading protocols and analytics designed to empower sterile processing technicians with the knowledge and tools to consistently deliver exceptional results. This will ensure that sterile processing departments across the country can operate at the peak of efficiency and quality, ultimately safeguarding patient well-being.

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