MyStartupTool – improve your SEO and gain exposure

MyStartupTool – improve your SEO and gain exposure


Search engine optimization (SEO) is equally important for startups as well as established firms. Google and other web searches engine like Bing are often the starting point for consumers looking for businesses on the web. Indeed, 82% of shoppers use search to influence their purchasing decisions. And more importantly, 70% of searches for products or services will result in a sale in the near future. Thus, being easily accessible via search engines is crucial for entrepreneurs.

While optimizing your website for your chosen SEO and branded keyword phrases is important, it’s only half of the optimization battle. You also need to focus on link building, as in the process of getting other websites to point links to your content and your website and you can use paraphrasing tool for writing articles for your website. The number, quality, and relevance of the links pointing at your website are all used as quality signals in the search engine ranking algorithms. As your site’s link profile is estimated to account for as much as 60-75% of the overall SEO Score, you will need to invest in link building campaigns as soon as your startup’s website is online.

MyStartupTool propose to improve your SEO and, as such, gain visibility and exposure. With My Startup Tool, your startup will be manually added in 225 startup directories by just filling out one form. Indeed, My StartupTool has gathered the biggest list of startup sites. This guarantees that your startup will get the maximum exposure possible ! By submitting your startup to the best directories, you get free quality backlinks to your website, and thus you rank higher in search engines. My Startup Tool propose the list of startup directories for free, but you can also purchase a manual submission of your startup in all startup directories. My Startup Tool estimates that the submission process takes an average of 5 days for a normal person. Therefore, with the paid option, you can save 5 whole days from your precious time!

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