#UK 13 dream gifts for insanely wealthy science and technology fanatics


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Most of us have limits on what we spend for Christmas.

But in a world with no limits, what would you spring for?

Perhaps a trip to space, where you and your family could gaze down at the Earth? A diving session to watch great white sharks rip apart dinner? Or your own hoverboard, for cruising across your own specially designed track?

We’ve picked some of our favorite super-size gift ideas for science and technology fans (one can dream, right?).

Whether you’re interested in exploring the ocean depths or getting your hands on a technology out of a sci-fi movie, there’s something here for everyone — with extraordinarily deep pockets.

1. Zoom around with this giant jetpack.

If you’re tired of planes, trains, and cars, then the Martin Jetpack might be a good choice.

It’s a little bulkier than the jetpacks we see in movies, but it really works!

A V4 engine and ducted fans (sort of like a helicopter) power the device, which can fly up to 30 minutes and reach a maximum altitude of 3,280 feet.

Right now the company is marketing the jetpack to the military and to rescue operations from extremely tall buildings.

Price: $150,000

2. Take a trip to the International Space Station.

Vacations make great gifts, but why not pick somewhere a little more exotic than the Bahamas — perhaps the International Space Station?

You can book a trip through Space Adventures. The exact price depends on what time of year you want to go and how long you want to stay. 

Price: A 10-day stay will cost you $52 million, but spacewalks aren’t included — those cost an additional $15 million each.

3. Float up to the edge of space

If you’re not quite ready for space, then the private space tourism company World View will float you 20 miles above the Earth in a capsule carried by a balloon. 

At that height it’s still possible to experience the “overview effect” — a cognitive shift experienced by some astronauts when they catch a glimpse of the Earth from space. The experience leaves people feeling deeply connected to the world and fills them with a desire to protect it and change it for the better.

World View is planning on ferrying the first passengers to the edge of space at the end of 2016, so you might want to save this one for next year’s gift list.

Price: $75,000

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