#UK 4 must-have home security gadgets for 2016


To ensure your home it well and truly protected from unwelcome guests, it pays to have effective home security devices in place. From cameras to alarms to lights, there are a whole host of innovative and intelligent gizmos you could use in and around your home to keep potential burglars at bay.

In fact, using such gadgets could help cut your home insurance costs. If you decide to compare insurance quotes, as part of the process, it’s likely you’ll be asked what your home security system consists of. The more measures you take, the lower your insurance price may be.

So, if you fancy slicing your bills and keeping your home extra safe, take note of these four must-have and alternative security accessories.

  1. A siren padlock

Although regular locks can be sufficient to keep intruders from breaking into your shed, you could up your home security gadget game with an in-built alarm padlock. While these heavy duty devices can be locked and unlocked like a normal padlock, they also feature an alarm which is activated if the lock it touched or moved, giving potential thieves an unexpected fright.

  1. A fake TV light

Whether you’re out for the evening or away on holiday, leaving your house empty and in complete darkness for a long period of time could attract unwanted visitors. To give the illusion someone is home, you could set up a fake TV light for when you’re not there. This clever gadget emits coloured flashes and glows, just like a real television. So, while you may be enjoying yourself elsewhere, this device will make it seem like you’ve got your feet up watching your favourite shows.

  1. A barking dog alarm

If you own a dog, it’s likely you already have your trust in your furry friend to guard your home on your behalf. However, if you’re no pet lover, you could invest in a barking dog alarm. When triggered, this alarm produces a realistic and vicious dog bark, acting as an effective deterrent to help scare off intruders. Using radar technology, this device has the ability to detect movement through doors, walls and windows.

  1. A dummy security camera

While it’s no secret that fully working outdoor security cameras can be highly effective when it comes to catching trespassers, they can be expensive and complicated to install. Instead, you could opt for a much cheaper, hassle-free option – a dummy version. Encased in a realistic camera body, these devices are made from aluminium and can act as a highly effective visual deterrent. They can be placed virtually anywhere and are a great alternative to the real thing.

It can be easy to worry about the security of your home. However, making use of gadgets and gizmos like these could give you peace of mind while keeping potential intruders at arm’s length.

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