#UK Developing your MVP with Portboost


Developing your MVP with Portboost

Minimum Viable Product (MVP), a term made popular by author of the Lean Startup, Eric Ries, is the starting product from which a company can make decisions about how they move forwards.  The product should allow you to gage customer reaction and validate assumptions you have made about your users. Experts in MVP development, Portboost have shared with the Startup Magazine, their MVP development process and how to get the most out of your MVP.

Before developing your product

Before developing your MVP, it is essential that you find out what the market size and market share would be for your company. These numbers will tell you if developing this company is worth pursuing.

As a starting point for your product, it is important to reach out to as many people in your intended demographic and find out if your service/product is something they would find beneficial. There are many sites that make this process very simple, including [Launchpad Central].

Developing your product with Portboost

Step 1: The Portboost team takes clients through a methodical procedure that begins in collating the specifications of the project as well as any illustrations that are helpful to their team. These might include things such as rough user flow diagrams and images.

Step 2: The team takes a look at the specifications and provides an estimate to how many hours it will take to complete the project. If they need more information to create a more concrete estimate, they will ask the client to verify.

Step 3: Once the client agrees with the final quote, a one-page contract and if needed, an NDA will be signed. Work on the project will then commence. Bigger projects are broken down into stages, with clients paying once a certain stage is completed.

Excellent customer service is at the forefront of their work and the project leaders are always available with updates if needed after your project is complete. Their goal is for your startup to be in the best position to win.

For further details on Portboost or to get a quote for your startup click here.

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