#UK Donald Trump just did a big interview with a famous conspiracy theorist, and was asked about impeaching Obama


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Real-estate mogul Donald Trump participated in an unusual media interview on Wednesday: « The Alex Jones Show. »

Alex Jones is a radio host famous for promoting conspiracy theories, including that the September 11, 2001, terror attacks were an « inside job. »

In his very first question to Trump, Jones asked about the attacks.

Jones declared that Trump has been repeatedly « vindicated » in his widely disputed claim that thousands Muslims in New Jersey celebrated as the World Trade Center buildings fell.

« I knew it happened and I held my line. People wanted me to apologize, and we can’t do that. People like you and me can’t do that so easily, » Trump told Jones from his Trump Tower office in New York.

Jones’ show is an atypical place for a front-running presidential candidate to appear. There was an advertisement between interview segments that touted a « Brain Force » supplement that supposedly fights back against « toxic weapons in the food and water supply. »

Unsurprisingly, Jones had some atypical questions for Trump, including how the Chinese government was able to amass such a large supply of rare-earth minerals.

« How did we just give them the global market in that? » Jones said of the minerals. « That’s crazy. »

Trump responded by lamenting that China is buying all of the minerals from Afghanistan. 

« We go into Afghanistan. We’re fighting — you know, tremendous mountains and ridges — we’re fighting on one side. And you know who’s got their excavators on the other side? China, taking out all of the materials. Afghanistan — nobody knew this — Afghanistan is rich with minerals. »

Trump added that China was also ripping off the US in oil. 

« China is taking out the minerals, » he said. « They’re the buyers, the big buyers, at very, very low prices of — as you know — of the oil in Iraq and probably in Syria. » 

Later in the 30-minute interview, Jones asked, « Is it not time for impeachment proceedings against Obama? »

« The best thing that we have going with Obama is he’s got a year left, OK? Because by the time you do the hearings and everything, » Trump replied.

« So don’t make him a martyr? » Jones interjected. 

« In a way you’ll make him a martyr. But I don’t even say that, » Trump said, launching into a spiel against Republicans who go to Washington but never fulfill their campaign promises. « There’s so many things to do, Alex, » he added. « We will do such a good job. There’s so many fronts. »

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