#UK Here’s how to play the game that’s so addictive it’s destroying people’s sleep cycles



A few weeks ago, my colleague Jim Edwards wrote about a mobile phone game I’d never heard of before called 1010!.

The mobile phone app from Gram Games, Edwards wrote, “is so addictive it will ruin your life and make your friends hate you.”

Instead of taking this as the warning it so clearly was, I was intrigued, and immediately downloaded the game myself.

Weeks later, I’m hopelessly addicted to 1010!. I play it on the subway. I play it in the elevator and when I’m waiting in line to pick up my lunch down the street. It’s the same kind of can’t-put-it-down addictive feeling you may have gotten when you started playing 2048 or Candy Crush for the first time.

Here’s how you play:

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This is 1010!. You can download it in the App Store. The game was created last year by Gram Games, a Turkish game developer. Almost immediately, it started going viral in Asia.



Here’s the homescreen, where you’re shown your high score. Power users get ridiculously high scores on 1010! — some past 100,000 points — but if you’re playing for the first time, you might not crack 500 points. Don’t get too discouraged.

You might initially mistake 1010! for Tetris because the game board looks similar. You’re also shown shapes that are similar to those in Tetris. But unlike Tetris, where you’re forced to fit falling shapes into complete lines to make them disappear, you control the pace of this game. In 1010! you’re shown 3 pieces at a time, and you fit them into the big grid. The goal is to create complete columns and rows. You get points for every complete column or row you create, and after you complete each line, it disappears.

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