#UK The 16 coolest concept cars revealed in 2015



Car makers are getting more tech savvy lately. Or at least their concept cars are making them appear that way. 

Automakers have designed some very inventive concept cars this year, some of which seem to have the sole purpose of simply looking cool (and that they do).

But others really explore how automobiles could change with the advent of driverless technology, from steering wheels that retract to seats that recline all the way. They give us a taste of how our driving experience could dramatically change in the next few years.

Here are 16 of the coolest concept cars that give us a taste:

Porsche’s all-electric Concept Mission E can drive 310 miles with a full charge. Production begins in the next 5 years.

The basics: The car is powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery technology that can be charged at a conventional charging station or via a plate that can be stored in your garage. In 15 minutes, the car can charge up to 80 percent, giving it a range of 250 miles.

How fast it goes: The car can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 150 miles per hour.

What else it offers: It has cameras instead of exterior mirrors that captures your surroundings and displays what they see on the lower corner of the windshield. 

The car also has eye-tracking technology that will detect where the driver is looking on the dashboard and open the corresponding instrument. The driver can then confirm the selection by pressing a button on the steering wheel.

The EDAG’s body was inspired by the leaf of a plant. It has a 3D-printed structure and is about 25 percent lighter than traditional vehicles.

The basics: A lightweight outer skin, which is made from waterproof jersey fabric, is stretched over the structure.

How fast it goes: There is no powertrain for the vehicle and it is not likely to go into production. Instead, the company wanted to showcase how 3D printing could be used to make a much lighter vehicle. 

What else it offers: LED lights underneath the skin lets you see the skeletal frame.

The Torq is windowless but cameras provide a 360-degree view projected on screens.

The basics: The car, designed by Italian engineering and design company ED, does not require a driver, but the company does not delve into how it would drive autonomously. ED hopes to create a self-driving racing car in the next 17 months.

How fast it goes: It’s advertised as having 429 horsepower and 1,328-feet of torque. 

What else it offers: It is a fully electric car with four engines over each wheel.

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