#UK The fate of these adorable animals will all be decided in the next few decades — here are the winners and losers


ngm_november_2015_cvrAlong with a changing environment inevitably comes a changing set of animals.

For some, climate change is forcing them to adapt and find new habitats to live in. But for others, their changing environments are seriously threatening their existence.

In a series of images from the November issue of National Geographic magazine, photographer Joel Sartore captured the animals are in the best and worst shape to survive climate change.

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Loser: Arctic Fox. This furry creature does best in the coldest of winters. With their Arctic tundra habitat melting, the Arctic foxes will have less of a shot at finding food for their pups.

Winner: American Bullfrog. These amphibians are doing a great job at being an invasive species. The bullfrog has made its way onto other continents, so the threat of climate change may come more as a boost than a hindrance.

Loser: White-Fronted Lemur. National Geographic reports that these lemurs in Madagascar will lose 60% of their habitat in the next 70 years. But, the biggest problem will be the pressure of a growing human population and its ever-more-intensive farming practices.

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