#USA Sketchfab lets you import 3D models into your favorite 3D software


Sketchfab has built a huge library of 3D models. Some of them are available under a Creative Common license, others can be purchased. The startup now wants to help you do stuff with all this content. You can now download and import 3D models into your favorite 3D app.

Behind the scenes, Sketchfab has built a download API and some integrations with popular 3D tools. After that, you’ll find a Sketchfab search bar in a third-party app. You can type a few keywords, filter by quality, preview and then download a 3D model into your current work.

Sketchfab uses the glTF format. Eventually, the startup will let you store your own 3D models so you can access them from all Sketchfab-enabled apps. You’ll also find your purchased model in there, too.

Sketchfab has developed plugins for Unity, Unreal and Godot. Game developers are going to love this integration, especially if you want to put together a quick prototype before building your own 3D models.

You also can use Sketchfab in Torch3D, Minsight, Spatial stories, Selerio, StellarX, Holobeam, AnimVR, Plattar, Sketchbox3D and Looking Glass.

And the company is also working on integrations for Amazon Sumerian, Blender, Substance, Modo, Cinema 4D, Octane, HighFidelity, Aframe, Houdini, Sansar, Mimesys, The Wave VR, Masterpiece VR, Artomatix, Flipside VR, Blend Media, NormalVR, Vectary, Streem, and Meta glasses.

As you can see, Sketchfab covers a wide range of 3D software, as well as VR and AR platforms. There are more than 2.5 million 3D files on Sketchfab. So it makes sense to provide a download API that works just like Giphy integrations in messaging apps.

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