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The collective experiences of the e27 community is resource gold for startups. We thought we’d compile some of the startup resources and tips contributed by the members of the community.

Here are 27:



A library exclusively about fintech

1. These 46 books about fintech will help you learn all you need, the ultimate resource for aspiring fintech founders by Siva Shankar

An excerpt:  A lot of investments and emergence of new startups are raised in the developing fintech sector, completely disrupting the traditional banking and finance system by building innovative products. Since this industry is getting an enormous growth, many are doing their due diligence and research to learn more about this sector.


A cautionary tale

2. How I burned 10 million dollars so you won’t have to by Matt Munson
An excerpt: But don’t worry, this isn’t some “rah rah we’re amazing, we’re killing it” bullshit Medium post. I hate those. Yes, I’m going to tout some of the ways the Twenty20 team is amazing. And resilient. But mostly I want to share openly the shame I wrestle with over the time and money we wasted.


On keeping your sanity

3. Overworking is not sustainable, and these 4 steps will help you become proactive in dealing with stress by Arina Katrycheva

An excerpt: No matter how hard-working we think we are, taking on every task available doesn’t mean being successful. Quite the opposite, in fact.


4. Stressed at work? Here are 11 best meditation apps to help you relax by Jaymin Dangi
An excerpt: Meditation is a great way of combating stress and the various health issues that result from it. Regardless of gender, age, or health status, anybody can benefit from taking a break and meditating.


5. 5 time management tools for a better, more productive workflow by Arina Katrycheva
An excerpt: No matter how well organised and efficient we think we are, at some point we’ve all felt as if there’s just not enough hours in the workday to keep up with everything. And so we end up falling behind and we panic.


6. Happiness matters: 9 resources to help keep you sane and productive while running your business by Arina Katrycheva
An excerpt: Research-backed conclusions and personal thoughts, motivational stories, and expert studies – there’s more than enough to provide you with information on how to enhance your personal and team productivity.


Shoring up your defences

7. Protect your brand from extremist content with these 4 steps by Babar Khan Javed
An excerpt: If the advertisers truly cared about not funding extremism or supporting extremist content, they wouldn’t have hesitated to invest the necessary efforts. There are default categories. Advertisers should employ common sense and a mentality for smart targeting to ensure they untick the categories that don’t match their intended sentiment. All this takes time and effort.


8. 4 ways to secure your digital assets from malicious hacks and attacks by Brijesh Vora
An excerpt: You may think that your business can not be targeted because you don’t have anything to lose or yours is a too small business to target. But that is not true. Hackers never target businesses based on their size.


For when penny-pinching

9. 19 steps to marketing your startup when you budget us next to nothing by Allison Reed
An excerpt: Content marketing is amazing free marketing: Blog away like the guys at Buffer and Mint, and not about your product, just anything that your target market would want and that would make them want to explore the product.


10. 3 budget-friendly marketing strategies to drive sales and ROI for your startup by Sabih Javed
An excerpt: You can keep posting about your product, startup, latest posts, and the photos of your office on 33 social networking sites for a few good years, and trust me, it won’t do anything ‘great’.


Hacks, hacks, and more hacks

11. How we growth-hacked from zero to 2 million users without raising any money by Ravi Mittal
An excerpt: While getting new customers requires high acquisition costs, we have realised that focusing on existing customers too can improve our retention and top-line.


12. 5 email marketing tips proven to work really fast for startups by Anupam Rajey
An excerpt: Can you hit targets if you randomly shoot in the dark? No, you can’t. In fact, nobody can. Running email campaigns without knowing your target audience is like shooting in the dark.


13. 3 hiring hacks for scaling an international success in your local market by Phil Silverstone
An excerpt: The problems your company faced at home will not necessarily be the same issues you face in a new region — simply slapping a geo-specific domain on your website doesn’t make you a local player.


On transitions

14. 3 things freelancers should learn when shifting to a management role by Alex Maximo
An excerpt: How you communicate matters as well. Too many people think that digital, as a medium, demands you to be brief. Yes. But there’s a fine line between being concise and being brusque.


15. Planning to start an outsourcing business in the Philippines? Consider these tips by Mike Larcher
An excerpt: Actually, it is possible to be a 100 per cent owner of a corporation if the majority shareholder is your spouse — and they become deceased. As their heir, you are able to retain 100 per cent ownership of the property. In saying that, I hope this never happens to you.


Accepting reality

16. 3 signs you might not be fit to be an entrepreneur by Andrew Senduk
An excerpt: If you see the world as a perfect place without any problems that you can or want to solve, entrepreneurship is most likely not your thing.


17. 5 lessons from 5 years as a millennial entrepreneur by Eugene Cheng
An excerpt: I’m not saying failure is anything bad, but you shouldn’t actively seek it for the sake of it. There were instances where a word of advice from someone who’s been-there-done-that would have saved us a week of headaches from making a mistake that he had made before.


A lot of important startup resources

18. Effective e-commerce: 8 tips for achieving phenomenal e-commerce growth by Granner Smith
An excerpt: While there are several tactics that can help you nurture a new online venture, there is no exact road map that can be followed to achieve instant success. That’s because e-commerce differs from conventional selling. You have to adapt to its complexities, and you often learn by trial and error.


19. Advice for solopreneurs: These 4 tips can help get your digital startup noticed by Sam Peters
An excerpt: You will want to ensure that your digital presence — whether through an app, website or social media account — can really engage with potential clients and customers. One way to ensure this is to humanise your business as much as possible.


20. 4 digital marketing tips for startups in early stage by Sabih Javed
An excerpt: Startups don’t have big budgets to go wild with digital marketing. Every penny matters. There is little room for experimentation.


21. Differentiate your e-commerce platform with these 3 strategies by Vivek Patel
An excerpt: With personalisation becoming the next big thing in online retail, e-commerce website homepages can now be modified depending on which products a customer viewed on their last visit.


22. AdWords can be effective with traffic growth and conversions, but not if you commit any of these 10 mistakes by Jignesh Gohel
An excerpt: Although an ad copy is just about few characters, it is the most compelling reason to click your advertisement.


23. 7 ways Snapchat can help you market your brand to a young and mobile audience by Maulik Patel
An excerpt: When done right, Snapchat marketing is an effective social media marketing tool for your business. If you are still not on Snapchat, then you are surely missing out on a good number of opportunities to connect with your potential audience.


24. Simple tips to ensure the success of your next online venture by Bhupendra Sharma
An excerpt: In an attempt to get high search engine rankings, many webmasters start focusing way too much on writing content for search engines. They sideline the fact that it’s not Google that buys their products, but customers. Make sure you don’t commit the same mistake.


25. 9 important business metrics that can help ensure growth and profitability by Jane Hurst
An excerpt: You need to have customers, and you will need to invest a bit in order to market and get the customers.


26. Enhance your e-commerce conversions with these 10 tools by Brandon Leibowitz
An excerpt: Is your e-commerce business falling behind on conversion goals? Maybe you’re driving way lower conversions than the average website in your industry.


27. Avoid at all costs: 5 reasons why startups fail by Elena Prokopets
An excerpt: The graveyard of startups is growing.



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