#Asia 30 mind-blowing companies you should definitely meet: Part 1


How many startups are in Asia? How many stars are in the sky? In this list we found companies sparkling bright enough to catch our eye.

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There are thousands of progressive companies in the ecosystem, yet only a few can make the cut. Here is e27’s personal roundup of the companies that have separated themselves from the curve.

HOOQ | HQ: Singapore

With shareholders from the SingTel Group, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros, HOOQ means business. By functioning as the Netflix of Asia, HOOQ creates great experiences in each of the countries it operates; namely the Philippines, Thailand, and India. With Michael Smith Jr as their CTO, HOOQ showcases a diverse tech team with a strong background in the media and entertainment industries.

ViSenze | HQ: Singapore

With clients such as Flipkart, Zalora, Lazada, and Patsnap, ViSenze is a SaaS company that brings great value to e-commerce powerhouses by incorporating intelligent visual technology and state of the art R&D. Customers who have integrated ViSenze in their platforms reported a 50 per cent increase in conversion rate. Users can easily sign up for a free trial and try out ViSenze’s tech for themselves.

Supahands | HQ: Malaysia

Raising a single-digit million seed round from Axiata Digital Innovation Fund and 500 Startups in December, Supahands is one handy virtual assistant outsourcing platform to have. It helps startups grow and scale by taking care of tasks such as data mining, data input, data validation, database cleaning and lead generation. It also covers customer care operations: phone, email, live chat and quality assurance.

Wavecell | HQ: Singapore

A telecom API company that provides cloud communication services and APIs to web and mobile applications and enterprises, Wavecell allows clients to connect with its audience via SMS, push notifications, voice and video. Wavecell’s services include aggregated analytics, flexible account management and customer care. Currently, its cloud platform delivers communication services in more than 200 countries.

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lalamove | HQ: Hong Kong

Founded in 2013 as EasyVan, lalamove connects customers with professional van, motorcycle, lorry and truck drivers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. lalamove revolutionized the logistics industry with services such as instant order matching, GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services and drivers’ ratings. Through this, lalamove aims to fulfill customers’ moving needs and at the same time help drivers get more business.

EventQuickly | HQ: Malaysia

EventQuickly is a company for event organizers to create, share, and sell tickets on one platform. The startup also links event creators to sponsors, with sponsorships catering to all sorts of occasions (like baby showers and workshops). With a large community of venues, EventQuickly allows organizers to host events anywhere with a multilingual support team.

Bfab | HQ: Malaysia

Receiving an undisclosed amount in pre-launch investment in January, Bfab has already received support from beauty & wellness industry advisors, associations such as the Malaysian Hairdressing Association, the Malaysia Association of Wellness & Spa (MAWSPA) and others. Bfab’s real-time booking ability allows customers to book hair, massage, spa, nail, waxing and makeup services. Besides having easy salon discovery options, Bfab also allows users to compare prices, comment and rate wellness services.

No-Location | HQ: Indonesia

Founded and bootstrapped by Dea Rezkitha and Brett Merrill, No-Location is a specialized accommodation booking service for large groups and events that already, or plan to, operate in Bali and Thailand. No-Location scouts, negotiates and secures specifications for their clients and their events. No-Location chooses the space based on your group’s interest, from being digital nomads to attending concerts, and touring.


nanu | HQ: Singapore

nanu is an application that allows users to make free calls and messaging on both Android and iOS phones. Launched in August 2014, nanu works non-intrusively by having a 7-second audio advert and a conventional banner at the end of the call. It utilises proprietary ultra low bandwidth VoIP technology, so nanu works great even in the most congested networks.

Easy Ship | HQ: Hong Kong

With several major Asian e-commerce platforms on board and generating half a million USD in revenue for its first exercise, Easy Ship is a startup that makes deliveries easier for online retailers by punctually delivering customers’ items from Hong Kong to anywhere in the world with the lowest market rates. It also provides customers full visibility on global taxation, and direct integration with their e-commerce platform.

Swapit | HQ: Hong Kong

Receiving seed funding from Aria Ventures in December, Swapit is a mobile app that allows users to easily buy and sell stuff nearby. With instant messaging and maps integration, Swapit creates a niche marketplace groups for each item that is offered on its platform and pro-actively reaches out to potential buyers who are nearby. Swapit is an app that promotes face-to-face deals rather than impersonal online orders.


Erle-Spider in action


Erle Robotics | HQ: Spain

Funded last month by the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to its Robotics Fast Track (RFT) program, Erle Robotics is a company that builds code, prototypes and robots to meet its mission of simplifying robots and artificial intelligence creation. It has built edtech and spider drones, with a primary customer base in America and Japan. They are in talks with Cyberdyne, MEI, Rapyuta, and Alpha Aviation Japan.

Tenvas | HQ: Singapore

Ever wanted a customised watch but the price is too steep? With a focus on watches, Tenvas prides itself on merging mass production with efficient customisation. With designs from Singapore to South Africa, designers can easily have their designs 3D printed. Tenvas also promises that every design they receive is given its own e-shop, allowing designers the opportunity to collaborate with others for next designs.

Glints | HQ: Singapore

A JFDI portfolio company, Glints is a career discovery and development platform for youths to display their skills for future careers. Glints works by providing online challenges and internships for its student users and records certain skills employers find valuable the user’s profile. This helps students in their application for a full-time job. Glints helps students develop while also making it easier for employers to attract the best talent.


Globetrekker Challenge’s mobile platform


Globetrekker Challenge | HQ: Singapore

Combining wearables, real time predictive modelling data, and gamification, Globetrekker Challenge is a company that focuses on engagement and health improvements for corporate employees. Clients are offered a series of team based health programs and can customise the way they see fit for their employees. They are the only company offering a wearable integrated stress and resilience program to large employers on a global scale.

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