#Asia 4 snooze-tracking IoT devices you have to fund now


The line separating a good work day and one spent chugging caffeine is quality z-z-z time. These devices may help you get a good night’s rest

Waking up

Famed 19th Century author Edgar Allan Poe abhorred sleep, describing it as “little slices of death”.

Was this sentiment the result of poor sleep quality? We do not know. But he may have felt differently if he were born in this era, when devices exist to make your forty winks both enjoyable and comfortable.

We, at e27, present to you 4 sleep-tracking IoT devices that you can fund right now.

1. Sleep Master – China

Developed by China-based startup IHD Technology (KOSHIRO), the Sleep Master (not to be confused with a sleep mask of the same name) is a smart sleep head-pad that you can slot into your pillow case.

While the unassuming device may look like a regular pad, it is anything but. Embedded with an array of sensors,  it extracts and analyses information about your sleeping habits when linked to the Hypnotist smartphone app.

It even claims to be able to help you to drift into deep slumber much quicker.

In addition, using its real-time sleep tracking algorithm, the device is able to deduce the optimal time to wake you up with its smart clock.

It also offers music therapy functions for the chronic insomniacs out there. By utilising its dual frequency binaural beat technology (BBT technology), the Sleep Master stimulates the brain into reducing tension by emitting a series of inaudible frequencies including white noise, pink noise (think waterfall or raindrop sounds) and brown noise. This will supposedly help users relax and fall into deep sleep quickly.

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KOSHIRO claims that in addition to reducing stress, it can also enhance creativity, improve concentration, overcome depression and even help users quit smoking. This may sound like hyperbole for a device that is only supposed to help you sleep like a baby, but when you think about how critical sleep is to our wellbeing, those claims may not sound so far-fetched.

The campaign is currently at one per cent of its US$30,000 (flexible) goal, with 40 days left on the calendar.

2. MyChi – China

Sophia Ma and Anna Na, Co-founders of China-based startup Shiyiku, have one simple goal — to help busy professionals achieve quality sleep and a healthy diet by integrating technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Shiyuku first partnered with the Beijing TCM Research Centre and developed the Sleep Quality Model, which is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Organ Clock theory. This model enables personalised health recommendations based on the users’ sleep patterns.

Throw technology into the mix and you get MyChi — from the Chinese term ‘chi’ or ‘qi’ meaning ‘life force’ — an aptly zen-looking smart green pebble that will fit right in with your pet rock collection.

Like the Sleep Master, it should be placed near your pillow (preferably under it, unless of course you are a mystic guru who relishes sleeping on hard objects). The MyChi then analyses your sleep patterns by using the Sleep Quality Model on the smartphone app and delivers holistic health recommendations.

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These recommendations are not limited to dietary and exercise plans. They also cover acupuncture therapy. In addition, it offers more than 1,000 food therapy recipes.

Can MyChi really restore balance to your life force? Fund it to find out.

Its campaign is only one per cent funded with nine days left to hit its goal of US$20,000. It could really use your support now.

3. REMI – France

Putting your hyperactive toddler to bed can really drain your energy. France-based startup UrbanHello has developed a lovable, customisable little sleep companion called REMI for your child.

REMI connects to a smartphone or tablet app, which you can use to create sleeping routines using alerts, colours, lights and music that are optimised to your child’s habits.

For example, you can set it to play a favourite bedtime song.

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It also acts as a monitor for your toddler, allowing you to talk to the child remotely using your smartphone. Through this, you can analyse sleeping patterns to create a sleep diary and chart the optimal sleeping periods for your toddler.

No word on whether REMI can survive being thrown around or chewed on, though.

The campaign has reached its funding goal at 106 per cent, or US$52,876. An impressive feat considering that it still has 18 days left on the calendar.

4. AYO – United States

US-based startup Novalogy is tackling a perennial problem faced by those who travel across different time zones: jet lag.

The device, Ayo, comes in the form of slim eyewear that streams blue light, which “mimics the the natural light of a sunny summer’s day”, into your eyes. This is supposed to stimulate your eyes’ receptor cells, which in turn will help to reset your biological clock and optimise your circadian rhythm.

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First, the Ayo app extracts your sleep patterns and lifestyle habits through a set of questions. It is then able to provide an analysis of your optimal sleeping routines.

It claims wearing this non-obstrusive eyewear for 20 minutes will provide an energy and mood boost, and even stave off winter blues.

This campaign exceeded its funding goal in June this year and raised US$126,351. The Ayo eyewear is still available for purchase through its campaign page.

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