#Asia Awaken the force in you with these 5 Star Wars app


Star Wars: The Force Awakens; upon us it is. These 5 apps; download you shall, or Master Yoda’s wrath; you will face

Image Credit: Disney

Image Credit: Disney

In case you have been living under a rock deep in the sand dunes of planet Tatooine, you would have no doubt heard of a little science fiction/space opera film that released worldwide today called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The seventh part of the extraordinary Star Wars series will no doubt be a mind-blowing experience for many and is easily the most anticipated movie event of the year (or dare I say decade?).

But before you head into the theatres with the special edition Star Wars: Force Awakens popcorn and coke (can you tell how psyched I am?!), get off social media (or risk reading spoilers) and get on the Apple App store and Google Play to check out these 5 neat Star Wars apps that will augment the fan experience.

1. Star Wars

Star Wars Official 1This is the official Star Wars companion app developed by Disney Interactive and Lucasfilm. Available on both the iOS and Android, this app allows you to keep to-the-date with all things Star Wars including films, games releases, video trailers, behind the scenes featurettes, emojis, gifs, related sound clips and its 36-year history. It even has a countdown clock for the next Star Wars film release.

In addition, the Star Wars app has an exhaustive list of interactive features including an augmented reality photo in which you can scan a photo of a Star Wars: Force Awakens poster, triggering a 3D image of a Star Wars character to appear on your camera.

The only drawback is that the steps required to sign up are unnecessarily complicated. I don’t see the point of furnishing details such as your house address. There should at least be an option for a Facebook login.

2. Amino for Star Wars fans

This app, available on both the iOS and Android, is a social network designed for Star Wars fans. In addition to its news feed featuring user-submitted Star Wars pictures, gifs, texts and videos, it also has a forum and a live messaging platform, allowing you to have more in-depth discussions about the franchise.

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3. Star Wars Wikia

Overwhelmed by the ever expanding lore of complex Star Wars universe? This app available on both iOS and Android can help you out.

Besides having information on all its related films, books, comics and characters, you can also gain deeper insights on the various government systems, individual conflicts and locations within the universe. There is also a discussion board, giving you the liberty to spoil the movie for everyone else.

4. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Play a role in fighting for the light side or dark side in this Star Wars role playing game available on iOS. The game starts you out with a squad three characters: a clone trooper; a Wookie and a Jedi, pitting them against a platoon of droids. Each character has a specific special ability. For example, the Wookie’s special powers is its Wookie Rage (accompanied by the iconic “errgrrrrgg!!!!” growl). Surprisingly though, unlike the films, the clone trooper performed far better than the Wookie and Jedi.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 2

Like most mobile game apps, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes makes use of micro-transactions. Players can purchase crystals which they can use to acquire data packs with additional characters.

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5. Angry Birds: Star Wars edition

Angry Birds Star Wars

The partnership between Angry Birds creator Roxio and the now defunct LucasArts is perhaps one of the greatest collaborations in history since the Allied powers in World War 2 (totally not exaggerating). Available on both iOS and the Android, this game fuses the highly addictive gameplay of the original Angry Birds and the magic of the Star Wars world. These adorable birds now don iconic Star Wars getups such as Jedi robe and cut through their enemies using lightsabers or laser blasters.

What’s awesome about this game is how closely it follows the narrative of the good Star Wars films, and by that I mean the original trilogy (the prequels were universally reviled by fans).

Stuck on a level? Master Yoda will give you some pointers. You can also purchase power ups from the store.

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