#Asia Jealous much: These 27 companies scaled while you were sleeping


I heard if you say their company name in front of a mirror three times, their growth triples each month.


Ever heard of the term “stealth mode?” These entrepreneurs may not always choose to be front and center of the media, but they’re secretly working on the next big thing. We’ve uncovered these diamonds in the rough and compiled them for you in this new list – check their profiles out:

GuavaPass | HQ: Singapore 

Used across multiple cities in Asia, GuavaPass allows members to access numerous fitness studios and experts, with unlimited classes, exclusive events, and a range of perks from wellness partners in the user’s city. With a team of fitness enthusiasts, GuavaPass ensures that its selected classes ties to its strong passion for the fitness revolution.

Potentio | HQ: Malaysia 

With access to over 150 million recruitment profiles worldwide, Potentio is a boutique digital recruitment firm that hires creative talents for the digital economy. Primarily, any business that needs marketing, creative, and tech talent should look towards Potentio; the company works with some of the largest creative agencies, software companies and consumer brands in Malaysia and Singapore.

Galixo | HQ: Singapore

Functioning as a boutique consultancy, Galixo is a company that scales while helping other tech, digital and mobile businesses scale. Its team has a strong experience in several departments, some of which are branding, analytics, operational processes, and implementation. It also fosters a learning culture that it practices on clients, designing tailored solutions based on its clients’ needs.

Firstride.in | HQ: India 

With a belief that traditional car dealerships are dead, Firstride.in’s premise on car buying is simple: research online, book a test drive, and buy online. Using data, knowledge, information and internet feedback, Firstride.in works with mobile sales agents of dealers to make the car buying simple and seamless. The platform offers car services, accessories, and promotions to its customers as well.

Snapask | HQ: Hong Kong

Trusted by 30,000 students across Asia, Snapask provides a personalised learning experience for each student, regardless of background. Users can snap a photo of their question, tutors will be present to answer these questions, with users able to rate each tutor session they have. As of January 2016, Snapask has expanded to not just Hong Kong but also Singapore, Taipei and Shanghai.

Trade Connex Limited | HQ: Thailand

Trade Connex is a company that provides farmers with a system to sell their crops online in real time. Designed as an enterprise platform, Trade Connex has two trading modes: live auction and negotiation. The company has ambitiously worked with the Thai National Bank for settlement services and Thai rubber farmers, and is looking to expand to other crops in Thailand and other ASEAN rubber farmers.

JOY Entertainment | HQ: Vietnam

With over 40 skilled developers working on different projects and departments, JOY Entertainment develops and publishes video games in Vietnam. Established in 2012 and a core team previously from Gameloft SEA, JOY Entertainment has published several independent mobile games of their own, namely We are Heroes and Captain Strike. “No joy, no game” is their core motto.

9Net | HQ: Thailand

Ever since 1999, 9Net has been improving the IT infrastructure of Thai small to medium enterprises. By delivering retail and hospitality solutions, 9Net’s team of 20 trained experts brings top tier customized hardware and software packages to more than 2000 clients in Thailand. The company also develops both PC and mobile applications that suit clients’ needs.

12 Gigs Asia | HQ: Singapore

Founded by industry veterans from Zynga and Tapjoy, 12 Gigs is a profitable mobile game developing company that produces social casino applications on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Producing both fun and successful games, 12 Gigs is one of the largest independent developers globally. Its Asia office (12 Gigs Asia) is located in Singapore.

CreoPop | HQ: Singapore 

A venture backed company with a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, CreoPop is an pen that allows users to form their desired 3D object. What makes CreoPop innovative is that in contrast to other 3D pens, the pen doesn’t overheat, nor does it suffer the usual problems such as melting plastic and unpleasant odours. It has a variety of different colours and aromatic inks as well.

Infini Videos | HQ: Singapore

A company comprised of coders, video professionals, and business folks, Infini Videos allows professionals and enterprises a way to easily create and share interactive video stories on the web. Published videos can also be shared across social networks and embedded on third-party websites. The company also provides analytics based on users’ viewing choices as well as dedicated support.

Kdan Mobile | HQ: Taiwan

Focussing on digital content creation, Kdan Mobile fosters avenues to mix content with modern technology platform. It has built mobile software applications and online services with works that have been backed by more than 60 million downloads worldwide. With operations in China and the US, Kdan Mobile Software wants its customers to leverage its services in order to provide better productivity and creativity for their business goals or applications.

PayME | HQ: Singapore

PayME is a company that focusses on human resource information systems (HRIS). Led by a team of experienced consultants and system administrators, PayME is a fully-made HR payroll processing solution that covers everything from leave management to claims disbursement. It continues to do R&D as well as feedback surveys to ensure its standards are being kept.

BreathingRoom | HQ: India

India’s Airbnb for meeting rooms, BreathingRoom allows folks from all walks of life to easily book a meeting room, from conference rooms to individual desks. With a trusted network, BreathingRoom’s platform allows owners of commercial real estates to be connected with professionals who are in need of such workspaces, helping them earn from under-utilised spaces.

Weddingplz | HQ: India 

Wielding several awards and accomplishments, Weddingplz is a wedding vendor discovery platform that provides the most detailed information about wedding vendors’ products and services. The platform boasts a tonne of features such as vendor searches, feedback reviews, wedding calendars, and wedding planning tools, aiming to be the most comprehensive wedding search portal in India. Its wedding vendor database is also humongous, listing 45,000 vendors to date on its platform.

Grivy | HQ: Indonesia 

If you’re trying to find deals around your area, look no further than Grivy. Being Southeast Asia’s first travel and leisure activity auction deal site, Grivy allows users to discover, buy and redeem local deals from their chosen merchants nearby. It also provides real-time auctions, which Grivy offers deals up for bidding, leaving users the ability to decide on the final price.

FurnishLab | HQ: Indonesia

Designed by both local Indonesian and international designers, FurnishLab is an online destination for home & commercial interior needs. The platform presents a variety of home furnishing products for its customers, ranging from the living room to workspaces and home decor. It also offers up customisation services for unique and personal looks.

Tripovo | HQ: Malaysia

Tripovo is a company that marries price with efficiency in booking travel trips. Created thanks to the frustration of dealing with inefficient and inflexible travel agencies, Tripovo decided to combine numerous travel providers and deals in order for its users to fully customise their itineraries to their liking. Additionally, after booking – travel experts are available to answer questions from the start till the end of one’s trip.

Tompang the World | HQ: Singapore

Tompang the World’s proposition is pretty sweet: conquer the world by fulfilling requests for strangers. Basically, Tompang the World is a peer-to-peer platform for anyone to make a request, while waiting for someone to fulfil it. It’s a great way to earn money for those who fulfil requests, while users making requests have a wider access to folks who can help them.

PetMate| HQ: Singapore  

Dubbed as an “Uber for pets,” PetMate is an urban logistics and on-demand transportation platform that allows pet owners to connect real-time with available local drivers to help transport their pets from one place to another. Launched in October 2015, Its dedicated PetMate app is available on iOS and Android. New drivers that sign up for PetMate are required to go through intensive interviews and trainings in order to ensure that PetMate’s standards are met.

CarPal | HQ: Singapore

CarPal, the parent company of PetMate, is also an urban logistics & on-demand delivery platform. It differs from PetMate as it focuses on connecting customers with local couriers instead, who deliver goods from any office, restaurant or store in a city. Similar to PetMate, CarPal drivers go through extensive interviews and trainings before being certified, and are required to have proper insurance.

Audra | HQ: Philippines

Audra works as an e-book publishing application made by HTech, a company that focusses on services and software development. Audra is primarily used to create e-magazines, audio dramas, photobooks, and other digital books in epub format. Moreover, Audra was made to help authors and publishers make e-publications more accessible to their readers. Its app is available for both the iOS and the Android.

Cloudilly | HQ: Singapore

Cloudilly is a cross platform messaging plugin. With its proprietary vocabulary, Cloudilly makes it easier for developers to build anything from group chat, on-demand Uber-like apps to MMORPG games. Users are able to store and sync data on its NoSQL cloud database, connect Cloudilly to their existing backend, and have their data transferred over secure SSL connections.

GetWhiteHats | HQ: Philippines 

Founded in 2015, GetWhiteHats is a marketplace that enables various companies to directly connect with competent white hat hackers around the world to seek out security bugs in their products. It was created by people who want to make the cyberspace better and safer for everyone, targeting companies that may face security vulnerabilities.

GraphPaper | HQ: Singapore 

Launched on Product Hunt in March 2015, GraphPaper allows teams to embed all the sources of information with important data and show it to team members everywhere in the world, in the format that’s most suitable to the situation. With GraphPaper, teams can efficiently manage crises and prioritise what needs to be accomplished.

JOCKY | HQ: Singapore 

JOCKY is a for-profit startup that aims to make it simple for people to find designated drivers for their cars. Primarily, JOCKY was founded to enhance the safety of roads through the use of technology. It helps car owners and users engage with designated valet drivers easily, so that users can reach home safely.

etobee | HQ: Indonesia 

etobee is an urban logistics delivery platform that allows users to ship and collect any item they want at the time and place they desire within the city, same-day or in minutes from now. Its open API platform supports web stores, online marketplaces and omni-channel e-tailers or anyone in need of a fabulous delivery experience. It also supports logistic companies to optimise, automate and monetise their business.

Clinch | HQ: Australia 

Clinch is a tool that allows users to capture and store pieces they like from websites of their choice. Users are allowed to ‘clinch’ from the web, take a photo, or import their own pictures in order to make an informed decision when online shopping. Users are also encouraged to compare their ‘clinches’ across multiple websites and create storyboards to bring products together, and share with friends.

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