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Image credits: Emmanuel Dylan

Image credits: Emmanuel Dyan

After the K-pop wave, Korea is ready to take on the world again with K-Tech.

The 4th Annual K-Tech @Silicon Valley themed “Automated Future: Human + Technology” took place in Santa Clara, from 12th – 13th November.

It was an elaborate showcase of Korean high-tech innovations.

The Korean tech startups at K-Tech address the needs of Korea, such as elderly care for the aging population, and English-learning for their workforce. This showcase is a great chance for Korean tech startups to gain global insights about their products, as well as a chance to meet potential US investors and partners.

Although many founders present at the showcase have limited English language proficiency, they did not let the language barrier stand in their way. After all, good tech products can speak for themselves. It also helped that Korean students studying at local universities were on site to serve as translators.

Check out these 10 tech companies that stood out from the crowd:


Classting is a secure app and desktop classroom platform for teachers to connect with students and parents. It has the functions of virtual noticeboard, private counseling, and even interclass exchange, where users can connect with classrooms from other states or countries.

Classting has more than 2 million users, and more than 200000 classes registered in Korea. Classting recently teamed up with UCLA CRESST to bring their platforms to US classrooms.


Jini is Korea’s answer to Square. Jini’s latest product is JiNi Pay, a wearable POS system that clinched Certificate of New Excellent Technology by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy this year. JiNi Pay is compatible with iOS, Andriod, and Windows via Bluetooth.


TrojanCut uses their patented advanced human-interaction algorithm to detect and prevent malicious network activites in real time. Using TrojanCut, network administrators can maintain and control networks and PCs remotely. The cybersecurity software operates in full stealth mode. Best part? No rebooting required when installing or updating TrojanCut system. Woohoo!


MathFreeOn is a mathematical data analysis software that is Matlab compatible. It is a cloud service that is free for all, and can be access online anywhere from any device. It is a great co-working platform where team members can share processes and results, and write programing scripts online together.


Divii helps English learners pick up new vocabulary through interactive video content and subtitles. Click on any word in the video subtitles and you will be directed to the dictionary listing of the word. It also has a word bank function, which record all words that users have looked up.


Amadas Smart Level Lock is a low-cost smart lock that is equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology. Users can control access via its mobile app. It is a DIY product that can easily be self-installed with a screwdriver. CEO, Park Eun Min, stated that the product will be launched at only a fraction of current smart locks in the market.


Attocube is a 9-cube block puzzle with a supporting social app platform. With younger children as their target audience, Attocube features vibrant color and adorable design features. Users can share their accomplishments with friends on Attocube app platform.


3.14 combines papercraft and hardware in their robot toy – Kamibot. Kamibot consists of a programmable robot piece that users can control with their smartphone devices, and paper character templates for customizing the robot.

The robot is built on the Arduino platform, and can be customized with Arduino and Scratch. Perfect toy to get kids started on programming.


Lucir is a portable body fat analyzer that measures users’ body fat mass, muscle mass, and BMI in less than a minute with 99.8% accuracy. It is a four-finger electrode devide that can be connected to smartphone devices via Bluetooth.


Here’s the perfect product for all pet owners who are obsessed about their pets’ well-being. PetFit claims to be the world’s lightest and smallest pet activity tracker. Measure your dog’s burned calories, exercise rate, sleeping hours at all time. You can sync this tracker to your phone via Bluetooth to receive notifications when it’s time to bring your dog out for a walk.


The 4th K-Tech conference is bigger than last year, with more international audience attending the showcase. Korea has become a powerhouse in television and mobile phone technology, so it is no surprise that their presence in the Bay Area is growing.

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