#Asia Started from the bottom now we’re here: A startup’s road map to money


Startups have 99 problems.. and money is probably like 90 of them.


We’ve all read/heard/watched the birth of a startup; co-founder meets co-founder in school or at a random house party where everyone is either passed out or belting tone-deaf renditions of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The two then become fast friends. Then, either the initial founder (or protagonist) stumbles upon Incredible, Revolutionary IdeaTM  or the two discover it because the underdog life paved the way.

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Both then begin their whirlwind journey in building upon Incredible, Revolutionary IdeaTM , assembling their dream team, and of course, raking in the cash when their product gets off the ground. All this while maneuvering messy love lives, heated competition, intense jealousies and a plethora of other obstacles that push them to hell and back, all for the glory of power, money and influence.

It’s tale we’ve heard many times, with many iterations.

While many of these tales are coated with layers of melodrama and exaggeration (whether for ratings or page views), certain aspects will always remain true to the startup experience- the need for honest-to-god hard work, sacrifice, a touch of ingenuity and sometimes luck. Especially when it comes to raising the funds to keep it going. It’s arduous, necessary work that comes with as many successes as it does failures.

To celebrate the mad journey of zero-to-100, here’s an infographic that shows you the hustle that startups go through in getting itself off the ground to achieving unicorn status.

how-to-make-money-the-startup-way-infographic (1)

Was your startup  story different? Let us know in the comments!

(Infographic via Funders and Founders)

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