#Asia [Video] Watch as drones make a nude dance a bit more PC


The idea takes Tchaikovsky, mixes it with a French comedy sketch and brings the both of them to the future

That noise you are hearing? Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky turning over in his grave.

Although, considering Swan Lake’s tragic themes, maybe a small smile would dance on the mouth of the world famous Russian composer, for, of course, drones would find a way into his music in this modern age. It is truly the most cynical of outcomes.

But all jokes aside, this week, the social fashion site BUYMA put out one of the more creative marketing campaigns we have seen in a long time.

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The video is inspired by a popular French comedy routine in which naked performers, covering themselves with small towels, depict semi-serious ballet acts while simultaneously trying to sabotage the partner and avoid the wrath of the censor.

The BUYMA version took the routine into the 21st century by covering the dancers using clever video editing and drones.

The video is more dramatic and less comedic than its inspiration and there are some…erhm… mistakes, shall we say.

So what is BUYMA? It is a Japanese fashion platform that connects fashionistas (and fashionistos) to personalised shoppers across the world.

The idea is that specific brands can be impossible to find in certain countries, while rather easy in others. So the goal of BUYMA is to connect supply with demand on its platform.

The video was made by Japanese production company GEEK PICTURES INC.


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