New Tradeable Asset Class Launched: Appointments & Reservations

New Tradeable Asset Class Launched: Appointments & Reservations

New Tradeable Asset Class Launched: Appointments & Reservations

The marketplace introduces a trading price for in-demand locations such as restaurants, theme parks & government services by allowing consumers to trade their Appointments & Reservations

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Following the continued global capacity shortage in many physical locations, AppointmentTrader was built to make it easier for consumers to trade unused restaurant reservations, theme park tickets or government appointments and allow other consumers to get a reservation or appointment at the place and time they need it.

Close to 20,000 locations have been added by customers all over the world, and venues do not have to participate for their reservations to become tradeable.

For example, DMV offices in many states have no availability for more than 90 days, but there is no incentive for people to cancel their appointment if they can’t make their time slot. AppointmentTrader is giving users a monetary incentive to give their unused appointment to someone who needs it.

The trading metrics available on publicly traded locations on AppointmentTrader show that restaurant reservations have traded as high has $400 for a Table for 2 in Delilah Las Vegas. But the data also reveals that new locations such as Nusr Et London average a bid price of only $22 compared to a reservation ask of $220 and, therefore, fall behind on more established but generally less well-known venues such as Contessa Boston (Average Bid: $139), The Polo Bar New York (Average Bid: $75), 4 Charles Prime Rib New York (Average Bid: $70) or Nobu Malibu (Average Bid: $63).

As newly added locations initially do not have inventory listed on AppointmentTrader yet, the bidding system notifies people with connections to the respective venue about the offered reward.

“Like other platforms, AppointmentTrader picks up on the trend of people enjoying to earn money on their own schedule. In the case of restaurants, we are seeing that concierges in many markets are following locations they have relations with and will ‘grab’ a bid if the price is appealing to them to secure the requested reservation,” said Jonas Frey, founder of AppointmentTrader.

The price builds by users bidding on a time slot and inventory type (such as a Table for 2, 4, 8 or Groups > 10) and by customers “filling” the bids or creating new, often higher “Asks” for their reservation at a respective location.

The AppointmentTrader-owned “Popularity Score” analyzes how many cellphones enter a venue per hour, how many people search for the venue on search engines and on AppointmentTrader, and takes holidays, weekends and local events into account to rate any hour within the next 365 days on a scale from 0-10 in popularity, allowing users to see comparable trading prices and to easily identify which venues are the hottest places in any city for breakfast, lunch or dinner on any given date in the coming year.

Based on the Popularity Score and the time between the time of placing a bid to the time of the reservation, AppointmentTrader calculates the difference between the price of a reservation today and in the future, which will soon let power users of AppointmentTrader invest in appointment futures on the platform, which will provide additional liquidity to the market.

As Appointments and Reservations usually hold highly sensitive personal information, the AppointmentTrader platform allows users to put their listings into an integrated escrow service that transfers Reservations and Appointments into the end-customer’s name and uses virtual email addresses and virtual phone numbers to securely make these listings tradable without disclosing private information.

Concurrently with the App-Release, AppointmentTrader is launching a complementary partner program for restaurants that offers partners the ability to participate when their customers trade reservations, to turn no-shows into an additional source of revenue and to limit the number of reservations that can be traded at their restaurant.

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Founded in May 2021, has set out to become the leading platform to trade prepaid and non-prepaid reservations and appointments.

AppointmentTrader is available on the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.

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