#Asia 3 gadgets that will help you enjoy traveling with your children


Whether you are vacationing locally or flying – or going somewhere for July 4th – traveling with children is not easy. Here are three products that can help

To make traveling with children a little smoother and more peaceful, here are three products that every parent should have.

1. Bed Box – Like flying first class

BedBox, made by JetKids, is a super smart and useful product for families traveling abroad with children up to seven years old. The product itself looks like a standard suitcase, but it is actually also a means of transportation on which the child can ride around the airport, a place to store his or her favorite toys, and most importantly, something that lets him sleep comfortably on the plane. As every parent knows, flying with children is not easy, and certainly not when they get tired. The purpose of the bed is to spare the other passengers the crying, bad temper, and unpleasantness.

What is likely to happen is that all the other passengers will wind up envying your child’s comfortable bed – if only there were a solution like this for those over seven years old! The bed weighs three kilograms, including the mattress, and is 46 cm (18 inches) long and 36 cm (14 inches) high. Just make sure to fold it up and put it under the seat during takeoff and landing.

Price: $132

2. iPADKET – Simple, but useful


Photo credit: iPADKET

Have you ever had to buy a special system and screens for your car to entertain your children? Now there is a far simpler solution. You already have an iPad, and your children are already addicted to it, so why not take advantage of something you already have and turn it into a car entertainment system?

To turn the tablet into a television for all intents and purposes, all you need is a stand that you can connect to the head rest on the front seat in the car, or to the seat in front on the plane. The stand is compatible with all the new iPad tablets – iPad 3, iPad 2, and iPad – as well as any other iPad, as long as it comes with a suitable cover. Access to the volume buttons and the home button is of course not blocked, and the headphones jack is also left exposed so that you will not have to listen to the same children’s programs over and over again. There are quite a few alternatives in the market so that even if you have a non-Apple tablet, you should not have a problem finding a suitable one.

Price: $14.50

3. Mobile bunk beds


Photo credit: Kid-O-Bunk

Now that we have a solution for flights and car trips, what do we do when the journey ends and we go camping? The answer is Kid-O-Bunk: a bed that offers an ideal super-compact sleep solution for children in the 7-12 age group. The children may like it so much that they insist on sleeping in them rather than regular beds. Kid-O-Bunk is a bunk bed made out of two parts that any child can easily carry and even assemble by themselves. 

During the day, the bed can also be used as a bench for the whole family to sit on, or the two beds can be put next to each other if the children are unable to agree on who gets to sleep on the top bunk. Kid-O-Bunk does not come with a mattress (the company says that there is simply no need for one), and the material of which the bed is made is waterproof and can go through the washing machine. In addition, each bed comes with a bag and a kind of storage shelf attached to the bed. This is, of course, also a great solution for a children’s pajama party, or a weekend with grandma and grandpa.

Price: $290

And the bonus – An ID tattoo


Photo credit: SafetyTat LLC

I don’t have any children yet, but just the thought of losing a child, even for a fraction of a second, gives me a severe attack of anxiety. I don’t think I’m the only one, so anyone who wants to stay calm(er) should buy a SafetyTat LLC tattoo kit (temporary, of course) with a very specific purpose: If the child gets lost, they can show the staff at the hotel, amusement park, or museum the tattoo on their hand saying that the child has gotten lost, and the telephone number of one of the parents (you can write the particulars with any pen). You can then feel slightly more at ease (insofar as this is possible) if the child gets lost because the tattoo is guaranteed to last fairly well.

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