BitAngels Announces Winners at Partner Event CoinAgenda Global Competition

BitAngels Announces Winners at Partner Event CoinAgenda Global Competition

BitAngels Announces Winners at Partner Event CoinAgenda Global Competition

Blockchain startups Opolis, Splinterlands, and Icecap earn top honors in virtual pitch event

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) – BitAngels (, a network of cryptocurrency investors helping to grow the blockchain ecosystem, today announced the winners of its partner event, CoinAgenda plus BitAngels Virtual Pitch Competition, which took place October 28, 2020. Out of 24 startup presentations, Opolis, Splinterlands, and Icecap earned top honors from a panel of industry-expert judges.

Earning first place and a demo booth at a future live CoinAgenda event was Opolis, a Denver-based startup offering portable health benefits, financial automation, crypto payroll, and other shared services for freelancers, independent contractors, solopreneurs, creatives, consultants and gig workers. The company also recently announced an upcoming rewards token launch slated for early 2021.

“The quality of presentations at the BitAngels pitch competition were some of the best I’ve seen in my years in the space,” said John Paller, Founder at Opolis. “Winning the competition is incredibly humbling and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share the importance of Opolis and the Employment Commons and what they mean for the advancement of the Self-Sovereign Worker toward widespread adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.”

Landing in second place was Splinterlands, a blockchain-based trading card game platform that lets players trade, sell, and lease their card assets. Splinterlands’ cards are compatible with third-party marketplaces including OpenSea, PeakMonsters, and Monster Market. Splinterlands will begin selling the first set of digital land in the game starting Nov 7th and players can craft new NFTs by harvesting, refining, storing, and minting new NFTs.

Coming in third place was Icecap, a blockchain-based marketplace for investment-grade diamonds. Icecap uses Ethereum’s ERC721 non-fungible token standard to give diamonds their own digital token, which represents rights to the diamond and enables it to function as a tradeable asset. 

The BitAngels Pitch Competition was judged by BitAngels Senior Analyst Gavin Knight, Irina Litchfield of ABE Global; Ethan Pierse of Borderless Ventures; Wendy Glavin of Wendy Glavin Agency, BitAngels Philadelphia City Lead Kirk Phillips, and BitAngels Salt Lake City Lead Dan Newbold. 

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CoinAgenda is the premier global conference series for connecting blockchain and cryptocurrency investors with startups since 2014. CoinAgenda has held conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia, with its global conference happening each October in Las Vegas. CoinAgenda’s startup competition winners include Aeternity, Bancor, Cashbet, Omega One, SALT Lending, and Qtum. These companies have collectively raised more than $500 million with a combined market cap of $10 billion. To learn more, please visit